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How much are the registration fees?  
Registration fees vary based on the division your child will play.  Depending on your date of registration, you may be eligible for a $50 early-bird discount off the regular registration cost.   [Back to top]
Does North Natomas Little League offer sibling discounts? 
Yes. There is a $15 discount for each sibling registered after the first player (who pays the full registration fee). [Back to top]
Yes. Players who complete registration after January 31, 2017 will be placed on a waiting list. [Back to top]


If my child does not get placed on a team from the waiting list, will I get a refund?
Yes. Your registration fee will be refunded if you register late, your child was placed on a waiting list, and your child could not be assigned to a team. [Back to top]


Can I request a certain coach or teammate?
You will be given the opportunity to make special requests during registration of your child. While we are able to accommodate the majority of special requests, we cannot guarantee all requests will be granted.  PLEASE NOTE: In Minor AA and higher divisions, teams are drafted by managers and we cannot place players with specific coaches or teammates. [Back to top]

What is my child's "league age"?
Check your child's league age by visiting the Little League website here. Tee Ball and Rookie divisions are based off the baseball age chart. [Back to top]

What does the registration fee include and what equipment will I need to purchase for my child?
Your registration fee is applied toward team equipment (such as batter’s helmets, catcher’s gear, bats, balls, tees, pitching machines, etc.), parks/field permit use fees, field maintenance, insurance premiums, charter fees, volunteer background checks, player uniforms, and other expenses.  The uniforms, which are property of North Natomas Little League and may not be altered, include a hat, jersey and belt. You are responsible for the pants, socks, and cleats. You are also responsible for your child's glove. You should wait before purchasing certain items, such as pants, until your child has been assigned to a team and uniform colors are determined. Although not required, many families will purchase a batter's helmet, bat, and batter's gloves at their own expense. [Back to top]


Does my child have to reside within North Natomas Little League's geographical boundary to play in NNLL?
Please see the NNLL Boundary Map to confirm whether your child resides within our geographical boundary and is eligible to play in our league. Three proofs of residency are required at walk-up registration.  If your child does not reside within NNLL's boundary, please check here to determine the appropriate league for your child.  If your child does not reside within NNLL's boundaries but attends school within the boundaries, please contact us at for information on how to apply for a waiver to play with NNLL. [Back to top]


When is the Opening Night Parade?
NNLL is pleased to host the Opening Night Parade of teams at North Natomas Regional Park on the evening prior to the first games of the season.  Festivities will include food, activities, opening comments and a parade of athletes. Look to your team parent to provide you with more details as the date comes closer. [Back to top]


What are the various divisions? In which division will my child play?
Click here for a comprehensive description of each division. PLEASE NOTE: While these guidelines have not been changed since 2010, they may be subject to change for the 2017 season.  The Minors through Junior divisions are gender-specific. The Tee Ball Division may consist of gender-specific teams, depending on the number of registrants. The Tee Ball game schedule may include games in which girls' teams play boys' teams.  Tee Ball players league age is determined by the 2017 Baseball Age Chart. All girls will be assigned to softball unless noted otherwise in special requests. A player league age 6 may play in the Minor A division only if he/she has one year experience in NNLL Tee Ball; all such players will be assigned to play Tee Ball unless noted otherwise in special requests. All players league age 7 will be assigned to Minor A unless noted otherwise in special requests; all such players may play in the Minor AA division only if he/she has one year experience in NNLL Minor A. All players league age 7 may advance to Minor AA if he/she is drafted into Minor AA after skills assessments; if not drafted, all such players will be assigned to Minor A. All players in the Tee Ball, Rookie, and Minor A divisions may request assignment to a particular coach and/or teammate. Special requests are handled on a first-come basis and cannot be guaranteed. [Back to top]

What is the draft and skills assessment?
For all divisions league age 8 and older, Little League requires an assessment and player draft to distribute the more talented and experienced players evenly among the teams and to ensure the player is placed into a suitable division.  Except for special requests, the divisions below league age 8 are blind drafted. PLEASE NOTE: To be eligible for All-Stars, players ages 9 and older must assess and play in 60% of his/her team's regularly-scheduled games. Players league age 7 who wish to be considered for Minor AA may request to be assessed by sending an e-mail to Click here for further description of the draft and skills assessment process. [Back to top]


How do I become a manager?
If you are interested in being a manager (head coach) for the 2016 season, then please register yourself as a volunteer in our registration section here.  You may also fill out our online application here[Back to top]


How do I become an assistant coach?
Assistant coach positions are not assigned until after rosters are released.  All Assistant coaches must be nominated by the team manager and submitted to NNLL for approval.  If you are interested in being an assistant coach for the 2016 season, please notify the team manager and enroll as an assistant coach here.  All assistant coaches must complete and submit to the Board of Directors the following documents: (1) a signed Coach Code of Conduct form; and (2) a Background Check[Back to top]


When does the season begin and what commitment will I be required to make?
Opening Day is Saturday, March 18, 2017. All players league age 8 and older must attend player assessments on Saturday, January 28, 2017. The draft will be conducted about two weeks after assessments and players will be assigned to teams after that. Practices will begin in mid-February. The first few weeks will be strictly practice. (Teams may continue to hold practices after the season begins.) Tee Ball and Rookie teams will hold a one-hour practice once per week and a have a one-hour game, on Saturdays.  Minor A teams will conduct practices once per week and play one game per week, on Saturdays for the first half of the season, then twice/week during the second half of the season.  Minor AA, Minor AAA, and Majors teams will play two games per week, one weekday and one weekend game.  Although unlikely, this information is subject to change depending on several factors, including field availability, weather, and the number of teams in each division. [Back to top]


Where/when will games and practices be held?
The time and location of each team's games and practices will not be determined until teams are assigned after the draft. Unfortunately, we are unable to honor requests to practice or play on specific days.  Depending on age and division, games and practices will be held at local city parks and schools, including Regency Baseball Park, Regency Softball Park, North Natomas Regional Park, and Peregrine Park.  All locations are subject to change.  For insurance reasons, teams may only practice and play at these assigned fields. [Back to top]


What are the responsibilities of managers, coaches, and team parents?
A manager (head coach) is the person who coordinates all team practices and games and is responsible for the team equipment and ensuring all players, parents and coaches abide by the rules of the game and our Code of Conduct. Managers are the first contact for parents for any issues that may arise during the season. They communicate those issues to the respective Division Commissioner.  Managers and coaches must abide by the Coaches' Code of Conduct and North Natomas Little League's A+ Coaching Guidelines.  Managers select their coaches, scorekeeper, and team parent. Coaches assist the manager with practices and games. Each manager is only allowed to have up to two additional assistant coaches in the dugout. However, all other parents who wish to participate in games or practices are encouraged to do so. The team parent is the person in charge of communicating information to the team. This includes practice and game schedules, snack schedules, and any other pertinent league information. The team parent is also responsible for the creation of a team banner (not required), as well as maintaining the team and sponsor banners. It is crucial to have a team parent assume responsibility of these tasks in order to allow the manager and coaches to focus on training the players. IMPORTANT: All managers, coaches, team parents, umpires, board members, commissioners, and other volunteers must submit a Volunteer Application which includes a photocopy of a valid government-issued identification card and pass a background check[Back to top]


What are All-Stars and what is the associated commitment?
Every local league across the world may produce All-Star teams in each of the appropriate age ranges. They do not always correspond to divisions. The ranges are 8-9-year olds, 8-9-10 year olds, 9-10-11 year olds, 10-11-12 year olds, Juniors, Seniors, and Big League. The All-Star teams work their way up through tournaments to the Little League World Series until eliminated. The players AND coaches vote on whom they want to represent their league based on performance during the regular season. To be eligible, a player must have played in 60% of all regularly-scheduled games and must have assessed for the draft prior to the start of the season. All-Star players are required to pay additional uniform fees if selected for the team.  Depending on the success of the team, All-Stars can run deep into July, and beyond for the most successful teams.  When declaring eligibility for All-Stars, please consider other summer commitments and ensure you are available for the team the entire postseason. [Back to top]


If I have an issue, who should I contact to resolve it?
North Natomas Little League is operated exclusively by volunteers, so it is important to resolve issues at the lowest level possible.  Parents should always take issues to their respective team's manager. If the issue involves the team manager, you may elevate the issue to a Division Commissioner or NNLL Board Member on duty or to Please find the Board Member on duty that day to bring the issue to their attention and resolve the situation, if applicable. Volunteers are empowered to resolve issues within their scope of duties. [Back to top]


How do I become a volunteer groundskeeper?
Field maintenance duties include fertilizing and mowing the fields, edging the infield and baselines, raking the infields and baselines, picking up trash, maintaining pitching mound dimensions, and reporting over-watering or under-watering of the turf to the Board. These items are performed on a weekly basis and we need many volunteers to help. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer groundskeeper, please notify us by email at [Back to top]


Does North Natomas Little League have a confidentiality policy?
Board members and other volunteers may obtain or come into contact with sensitive and personal information about other members of the North Natomas Littler League community. All members of Little League are required to maintain confidentiality of the information, to use such information only for its intended purpose, to disseminate when required for official purposes only, and to shred, delete, or securely dispose of such information when it is no longer needed, typically at the end of each season. [Back to top]


I am a vendor interested in soliciting North Natomas Little League. How do I approach the league?
Please e-mail the league at with your contact information and services provided. One of our members will contact you and set up a time when you may present to the board of directors. [Back to top]

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